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His name, it seems, wasn’t George Miley.

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In 1904, George Miley, born Charles H. Noyes, died at age 45 in Chicago. Though the funeral was “a jolly party”, he was buried only in a private plot, not on an open ground.

Today, the grave is a public memorial. Miley, who had died a few years earlier, was buried in the Chicago Municipal Cemetery.

It was his friend, Charlie Rizzi, who gave Miley the name Miley, a Latin name meant “dweller on the earth”. The Miley persona was popularized by the ventriloquist who played on the side of the street in Los Angeles in the 1950s, called “the Man of No Importance”.

After his death, Miley’s daughter, Martha Miley Miller died at age 43 in 1960. She was buried in Los Angeles in the same cemetery used by her father.

Miley’s daughter, Katherine Miller, was the star of many videos, including this one. Her mother died three weeks later, in her 90s. Miley, who was the great-grandson of famed author Horace Smith Miley, died in 2002 in Los Angeles. He was 93; his body was cremated, his ashes scattered between his family’s two Los Angeles homes. In 2012, his daughter, Katherine Miller, also died, and her mother was interred in the Chicago Municipal Cemetery.

It’s a story I don’t have anything to explain – you have to check it out . But it happens to be an interesting one. There’s an Australian news magazine in which a young gay man in Sydney says it would not be a problem if he is outed by his partner, he just gets the same support that straight men get for coming out of the closet.

What do you think about this story? Can gay men get support? What if gay men who stay closeted are seen as inferior to heterosexual men? What can you do to support others in the same situation?

This is a fantastic article by Tom Robinson to put the story into more perspective – it’s worth a read :

It takes a special kind of heart to stand up to the homophobic, bigoted, misogynistic, misogynist – heck, any racist or sexist – people in your community and do not give in to their bullying and their harassment, but a less charitable person might look upon it as a cowardly act. It’s

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