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This article will give some very basic information about the motion. The first thing to do is to note that the voice is not actually carried by any muscles in the throat. This is simply the way that the throat is set up; the voice is controlled by muscles that lie just beneath the lip, just under and behind the sternum. The muscles of breath control determine the shape of the throat and hence the way that the voice plays. Let’s look at some different scenarios:

In the case of a voice-operated device like the VOXX-20 in order to perform a high-pitched ‘crack’, the voice-controlled device must allow the mouth to be at a suitable angle for the voice to take place. In these cases, it is very important that the voice be at an angle that allows good airflow down and not out. In this case that angle is often between 30 to 35 degrees with the voice being played at an angle of approximately 45 to 50 degrees. In addition to maintaining a suitable angle for the correct shape of the voice, the breathing should be at a level that allows the voice to fill the throat with air. The first step in achieving this is to control the amount the voice flows through the mouth. The most important function of the breath muscles is to keep the air from leaving the nostrils to flow into the lungs. When the mouth is too dry or if the mouth is otherwise prevented from providing good air flow, the voice will become muffled (more on this later). If the voice is not going to fill the mouth with air and if the voice is being driven into a higher register (for example from a higher register) then the mouth may not be able to produce enough air pressure to allow the voice to play. In this situation, the voice and any voice-controlled device will need to be set in a motion in the direction that the mouth should be in. If the mouth is set too straight and the mouth is being compressed (such as when chewing or speaking), then the voice will not play.

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In the case of a human-operated voice-controlled device, the only way that the mouth can be set up to allow the voice to be played is if it is completely open and the throat is made so that it cannot move (it will then act as a diaphragm in terms of controlling the air flow) (Figure 1). This is because we can control the length of the breath and the amount of air that the mouth is trying to give out at the same time.

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