How do you talk without moving your lips? – How To Learn Fast English

Why, without breathing.

You might think that moving and breathing involve different kinds of movement but to each his own. A dog may move his jaws, for instance by closing them and pushing air inside from an open mouth. Another dog, however, might breathe with his nose, as a matter of course.

So there’s the difference. When we breathe normally, we move our lips and breathe with a moving airway. But when we breathe with a jaw closed or the air passages closed up the airway, the airway remains open, allowing air to come back through the opening. If we don’t move the throat, the airway closes more, blocking the air.

Why so much difference in the jaw?

The jaw has so many functions. For instance, its role is to push air into the chest and to open the heart. But it also acts as a mouth for chewing food or a throat to cough out water. For dogs which chew and spit, the jaw closes up to take up the slack. That is why it is so important to make it as comfortable and easy to use as possible. To allow the jaw to move easily, we can relax the lips, so even the softest of foods can get through.

A few things to pay attention about while using the mouth

The best way to use the mouth and to learn to have it stretch is to practice it, with some practice, and build it up a bit. Don’t get into it right away. This may be too time-consuming if not done regularly. But if used properly, the jaw is an important part of the canine body and it can be used for many purposes, not just to chew.

If you have trouble, try not to work on anything that is painful. If you can’t bend the teeth down, then it’s time to use your fingers.

When you’re doing things like eating or chewing, move your lips from side to side to open up the breathing holes. Hold your breath throughout.

Avoid biting your tongue on anything or anything that you need to chew or lick.

Don’t chew when there is pain.

If you have to go and drink something, use a straw. If you must, use a large, firm cup. This is a good way to get through the whole thing.

It’s important not to use your back teeth while working. This is because you must take your mouth away for a while, not because you’d

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