What is a Transviliquist? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Jeff Dunham Part 6

A Transviliquist is a self-taught transman, or transwoman, that wishes to be recognized by the community in order to become ‘the one.’ They may not be able to pass the standard medical examinations, they may have trouble finding their gender’s role they identify with, and their body may feel as though it does not belong. In order to become one, the transwoman need only ask, “So why do you think that body needs to be fixed?” (See “Transsexualism” below). A transman who has been to the doctor once or twice to ask how his penis fit is no longer interested. Transmen are now more of an open, self-confident demographic.

A Transviliquist identifies as a Transgender woman, but that doesn’t mean that she’s an effeminate man who believes that he was born in the wrong body. Rather, a transwoman is someone who identifies as a Transgender woman (or Transgender man, or Transgenderqueer, etc.). They are women who believe that they have always been women who are still women and can change their bodies in the most natural way possible. If gender identity does not change, a transwoman needs to consult a doctor for treatment. They may seek out the help of a therapist, but there is no need to be embarrassed about being a Transviliquist!

For more information about Gender Dysphoria and the many different trans-specific surgeries, please visit our Trans Sexism page.

See our FAQ for information about Transmisogyny.


Why is a Transgender woman called a Transgender woman?

Many transwomen do not want to be labeled ‘trans’ or ‘transwoman’. Many of the transmen (and transgender men) prefer to be called ‘transman’. This is because some of the reasons transmen cite for not identifying as men are psychological/spiritual (ie. not having a sexual identity), medical, or social (ie. being ashamed of the penis they were born with). Some transwomen do identify with the trans-identity, but feel that that doesn’t suit their gender expression, for example, they may choose to go by the name or pronouns of their biological sex, not their Trans-gender identity. This does change as they age, but for now transwomen are not allowed to call themselves transsexual (that is, not to identify as women, or as male. If you have issues with that, please feel

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