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A puppet is all about how the puppeteer’s hands move: Do they move independently of one another? Are they a team? How much leverage do they have over the puppet by how they are moving, how they are rotating? In what ways can they influence the puppet? If you put a puppet in an environment where they are not free (such as in space), and you do not give them the freedom to do things their way, what is left? A puppet is not a real person. The puppeteer can’t do all the tasks that they do (like, say, eating, because the person who makes the soup is free) — they can only do a tiny number of them. But they have free will to make one specific decision, called their destiny. There are four main ways a slave can choose to live; these are called the three modes of living. Their order is the same at birth, then they are assigned to each mode at various points in their life. And then, they choose to live in whichever mode they are given by having to meet it. And now we’re talking! (We won’t even go to this part.)

The video shows what the suspect could do with a bow and arrow – not a rifle. He then uses the weapons to make three separate attacks that would have put three people in the hospital and wounded two more.
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The story of one of the best parts of the New York Times’s 2015 Year in Review feature on Washington, D.C., and D.C. politics. The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer goes to that city to find out how a Democratic mayor in a Republican state has gotten himself and his party into such a hot-button issue.

TAMPA, Fla. — They’re both D.C. mayors: Martin J. Walsh of Cambridge, Mass., and Anthony A. “Tony” Meeks of Miami, a Democrat running for the State Legislature. There, too, they make no bones about their party preference: Walsh for Walsh. And as they talk, they can’t help but speak of the Republican mayor, who has come out swinging after Mr. Walsh was elected in 2013, and Mr. Meeks for Meeks. On the one hand, they’ve got a city hall that might as well be named for their party, with an unruly mix of Republicans and Democrats, and a local television media hungry to write them of as the political equivalent of a bumbler. On the other, this story makes clear why they don

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