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This is only a step to the next level of your ventriloquist journey. To learn from the pros and find out who you are in this business, you MUST know your audience. It all starts with a question. What kind of questions do you ask to find out who they are? Here is a list of the top 10 ways to find out who your audience is. Don’t ask them how they made it as a ventriloquist! What do they bring to the table that they have to work to become better and better. Ask a question to learn about how they made it and you will feel as if they are part of the journey and their journey is not complete without this question. These questions are not about you, they are about them! A great question is one you would ask to an actor in the movie business, a writer in the business today, or a customer in the business today. Question your audience on what they are doing to gain a following. You have an opportunity here to tell your story, they have an opportunity here to tell their story with YOU. You are here to share an idea, a passion, a sense of mission…and share something that you have created! What will you say? How will you use it? How do you show it and why do they need to feel connected to you to get into your place? How do you communicate it? What are you looking for? Are there any words that work for you and what would you say? You will be judged on how well you answer it. Some can only say so much. You may be judged on answering it the way you feel most comfortable saying it…and how you feel about the way you are perceived! If you can’t get it all out, then it’s no good to me. This is not about getting attention, what is not coming out is not your thing. I am not going to tell you how to tell your part, no matter how many times I’ve heard it said that I need to do that. As you look at my question, think about what’s being shared. If its a person who has been doing this for the longest time, its because he/she has a good story to tell. The more they can tell it, the better. What’s being shared is important. It doesn’t matter if you are a clown or a professional, share with the world what it is you want. It matters if you want people to understand how you have done it and what was important to you. Are they
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