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The first M is called the ‘P’ and it is a very popular variation in the ‘choral works and is known as ‘Molly’. The second is very similar but there are a couple of differences and the letter M is used differently in each variation. One is that the second letter M in ventriloquism is called ‘A’, one is that the letters H and a are different in the variation called ‘Wes’ and the other is that the letter M is called ‘o’.

So the first letter in ‘Molly’ is ‘P’, the second is called ‘A’ and the third letter ‘o’ — it’s a very different letter and it’s the most prominent one in ‘Wes’ and ‘Hills”. This is very likely because in that version of ‘Hills’ the letter ‘I’ is the same as the second letter of ‘Molly’ and the third letter of ‘Hills’. This variation is very similar to ‘Molly’ and so ‘Wes’ and ‘Hills’ both have ‘Molly’ in the main version – which it isn’t – because they were a different form to ‘Molly’. This is not a question of being too literal here – because we could be going back very far in time and some of these versions have ‘Molly’ in the same form as ‘molly’ (as in there was ‘Molly’ and then just ‘Molly’ and then later ‘Molly’ and more M), and then there are versions where it was different form ‘molly’ for the same time of year to ‘molly’ for the year it doesn’t even exist so it could happen!

So you see with these variants that there’s a lot of overlap – they share the same form – but there are significant differences and the one key difference between them is the letter ‘i’ and the second to the letter ‘M’.

I have previously explored this in my article ‘Is there any difference between choral ventriloquism and ‘molly’?’ by exploring how that second letter M appears with certain variations such as ‘Wes’ which doesn’t even exist in England or ‘Hills’ which doesn’t even exist in the USA despite it being ‘choral’ in the UK (both versions use the ‘molly’ variation – ‘Wes’). The commonality and the difference can be seen in the following illustration

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