How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – How Do Ventriloquists Throw Their Voice

(You can also do it if you know what I mean, but you already did it.)

To do it:

With your sock puppet mouth and an open lid lid with the opening facing out, with your sock puppet mouth facing in, close your sock puppet mouth to the edge of your mouth, but do not close the bottom of it. Make sure you do not push the mouth off the inside of your mouth or on top of your teeth, and that the mouth is open a bit. Now, with your sock puppet mouth facing out, close the lid of your mouth, and open it up again to have a sock puppet head. Keep the mouth as open as it can be without losing the shape, but as much of the shape as you can. You now get a sock puppet mouth that is about 1/2″ to 1″ from your teeth.

This is not an exact science, just a general process. A couple things about it. It will work. It’s just a trick I learned in a workshop in Portland a few years ago.

Some of the time you will be better off keeping the size of your mouth a little bigger. If you are doing tricks, you may have to get creative with what length you open the mouth enough for you, or you may not be able to take away enough of its shape at once to get the desired size you want. I learned this the hard way during a show and got bored pretty quickly.

Also, not everything needs to have ears. At some point, it does not matter to you where the ears are.

I do not believe that the technique used in this tutorial is suitable for everyone. You will have to be able to work with the mouth as open as you can while still maintaining shape without causing discomfort.

Here’s a nice picture of a head I made. Check that you can make it using the process shown in the image and you should be good.

Have fun!

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