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Well, as you certainly know from the history of puppetry, nothing is really certain about what makes a puppet the way it is.

However there are some good reasons to believe that this puppet did not, and would never exist in real life. In reality it is unlikely that any of those reasons would apply for the purposes of the original character design.
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The puppet is intended to be a living creature. If so, as far as I can see it is unlikely to have wings or even a tail. Therefore, we need to establish not just where these characteristics come from but the specific way they are carried over into the puppet. In this instance, it is pretty clear that they are from the animal.

In addition to these facts it seems that the puppet isn’t a complete and utter piece of rubbish. The way it is constructed does suggest that it was in the same general environment as the real thing. The shape and overall configuration suggest that it was constructed in a manner that would have fitted right into the world (i.e. as if it was a living being) and not just some random piece of fabric that had simply been left off a shelf because it was too expensive to keep in a shop.

This leads me to believe that this puppet had the capacity to move at least some of its body when in the real world. That may make it look rather different from what you would get if a human puppet was left all by itself with just a few things hanging on from the top – although perhaps this is an argument for not drawing the puppet out of the box as we did initially.

Anyway, we can say with fair certainty that it certainly cannot be seen as a real living creature. It could be argued that maybe the animal was a puppet rather than a living creature and that’s as far as I’m willing to go! I suspect that it’s too much like the real thing for my taste and would be pretty tough to sell. However, for a lot of people there is no other choice. It is the most convincing animal puppet ever.

And if you need even more convincing why not try making a puppet out of an elephant?

To make your own realistic animal prop use simple 3D printing techniques, or even better use a digital asset.

If you want to see more of my 3D Animal puppets click through this category to scroll down until you find a product near the top or you can enter your own creations!


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