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If you want one, there are two ways to get it.

Ventriloquism Dolls – this is a good deal for adults, as it has all the features they’d expect. They make fun of people who don’t understand a word of their gibberish so they can be heard in public places, and they cost around $2 each (which is quite affordable by today’s standards).

Ventrilodons – this is a good deal for kids with only one of the hands. The main feature is that they are hollow, allowing them to hold objects like balloons, small plastic eggs, and tiny stuffed animals. The main downside of these is that they were once made out of cardboard, which was not ideal. They may be available from toy stores, but they can be a real pain in the butt to order.

There are also a few ventriloquism dolls to choose from, but these are in very high demand; you likely won’t find any while you’re picking through the electronics aisle on the shelf.

How to make one?

The process of making a ventriloquist dummy involves placing a piece of cardboard (preferably made from PVC) over your doll, and then filling it with something (the idea is to simulate what the dummy feels like when it’s on your lap).

Depending on how strong the cardboard is, it may be difficult to fill your dummy completely, but just use a little extra paper to make it easier. To make you doll a little bit more stable, you may also need to use a heavy dowel, such as a 1×1 or 1×2. This can be tricky since you still have to take the cardboard away to clean it afterwards.

Once your dummy is filled with stuffing, remove the cardboard and place it on a piece of hard, flat sheet metal or cardboard, such as a desk or a coffee table. You can make this work with a piece of metal, or even a heavy board, if you like.

Now that your piece of cardboard is filled with stuffing, carefully spread it out on the floor and place it in front of your dummy. You should be able to hold your dummy up about ten inches off the ground so that its little legs are straight. You can even put your dummy directly on or under a chair.

Keep your dummy on the floor for about a minute. This will help prevent your dummy from flopping around and making sounds. Once

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