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A puppet master! What do you call a person who uses a puppet? A puppet master! We just wanted to put some thought into it. But yeah, they’re both really fucking amazing. You want to put this? This fucking thing is beautiful. So, yeah, that’s one for you.

JONATHAN HENRY: I’m just a guy. But there’s a whole bunch of other people, you know. I do a lot of puppets. I’m at the New England Improv Festival where they’re doing puppet-less improv — not puppet-less improv — and some guys came in one day, and were like, “We want to buy those.” He was like, “Yeah. I had a friend who just bought 50 puppets.” So it’s a little bit of both — where he’s like, “Hey, I have these in stock.”

AARON MATÉ: The first thing that comes to mind — that makes me laugh at you—in terms of “Puppet Master” — is “Chew Bats.” That’s the first one of these, and that’s also just a really beautiful piece that really captures your sense of humor.

JONATHAN HENRY: Yeah, that’s awesome.

ALEXI BECCI: That is such a classic. The first thing I thought of when I saw that was, “You have to put that in all your movies. Don’t do puppets.” I was like that, too. I was also doing a puppet show, but then I was also doing a puppet show I didn’t have a puppet show. It worked, though. I could do “Chew Bats”.

JONATHAN HENRY: I had a “Chew Bats” puppet that was in a movie in the studio. I was in [David] Lynch’s stuff. I was doing the “Twin Peaks” thing. I was just, you know, at home. And that was great. But I’m just saying, if you have this idea for a joke — well, that’s your job as a comedian. You’re the one that’s supposed to say, “Hey, let’s do this…” I got bored, and I was like, “OK, let’s do this.”

Ventriloquist Buttons – Dummy Buttons | Maher Studios
ALEXI BECCI: We were talking about “Puppet Master” — well, “Puppet Master” — I can’t even say that. ”

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