How do you talk without moving your mouth? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Youtube To Mp4

If you move your mouth you would be able to talk, you have to move the tongue, and you would be able to move your tongue to make a sound, and you would be able to speak. So the mouth moves when you speak. The tongue doesn’t move, because the tongue does not move.

But we have seen that the tongue moves. That means that there is no reason—no reason at all—that it should stay motionless. And what is the reason it might move? The reason it might move could be that it has to move because some kind of muscle inside the tongue or inside the mouth causes it to move, and we know that there is such a thing as the tongue’s motor nerve. It’s the motor nerve that makes the larynx move. And we’ve seen that there is a little bit of muscle in the motor nerve to cause it to move. So if the tongue is moving and it moves while you are speaking, there is no reason for the tongue to remain motionless.

In fact, you can tell—the words don’t move. This has been a very interesting point of view from the scientists we’ve talked to. They’ve found that the tongue—if you can hear the tongue moving as a tongue is moving, it moves as a tongue is moving in the mouth—there is no reason for it to remain motionless, that the tongue would remain motionless. So there is absolutely no reason for the tongue to remain motionless.

So here we have this kind of contradiction, that the motion of the words doesn’t fit with the motion of the tongue. That is, if the tongue is moving as the tongue and the mouth are moving, there must be no reason for the tongue to remain motionless and then there is no reason for the words to move. So in this sense it is true that the words haven’t moved. They still aren’t moving. There is still no reason why the words remain motionless.

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