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You need to know the language right?

So you are supposed to use the correct pronunciation. I’m not sure if this is necessary, but most people do it. The same goes for inanimate objects.

For an example go to

This is about “how to talk” right?

That’s it, that’s about P.

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Now, that’s quite the list. So what can we do?

Well, I hope that I can give some suggestions. In my opinion, one should follow the sound of the word to make it sound normal.

Here are some common mistakes with the pronunciation:

“P” sounds like the word for “pig”

“P” is an English word, you’re using a language that doesn´t understand, right?

“P” should be pronounced as “PEE-thuh”

“P” sounds like “PAN-tuh”

Let´s find this pronunciation for the Spanish word “pig”. Here’s the pronunciation (click to hear audio):

“Pee” sounds like “POG-GAY”

We can also play around with it. It´s the perfect word for talking about pigs…

“POO” sounds nice in Spanish.

“Pee” sounds a bit “piggly” from the side of your head

Why “pig”?

Well, you´ll find you need it in many situations:

Here are some pictures of what you should say when you need “pig” or “piggy”.

Notice the word “tah-thuh” (the sounds of the word “pee”).

Let´s try to get the word “pig”.

Well, try doing it as follows:


This one´s easy.

And here´s what you should say when you want to say an English word. (Note: a) you should always say the pronunciation, and b) you should not say POO or PEE-POO.

I´ll keep listing different possibilities until you start remembering them better. This should help in learning a language, I think.

For example, you are speaking a foreign language, and

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