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In the show, there are four versions of the ventriloquist. Two are played by women, one by a man and, in the show’s third-season finale, by a woman playing Donald Trump.

How did she become the ventriloquist?

There is speculation, some of it supported by the voice actress, that Trump hired her. After the show ended, she went to the New York Times to say she did not see herself as a puppet. She also says that Donald Trump has not paid her a living wage, which he denies.

When it comes to Donald Trump, however, she says she has always been fascinated by his “disrespectability.”

Who’s her mother?

Bethlehem was born in Queens — not only is she a fan of the show, she calls it what it is. She has her own website and says her mother and siblings have not been around since she has been filming.

She attended the School for Creative Studies in the Bronx.

What would your mother say to you?

She also says she is concerned about the future of the children of single mothers and says that the lack of a fathers in their lives is also worrisome.

Is she a Trump supporter?

She says she will probably continue to watch the show despite the criticism from some viewers.

This article is about the original version of the character. For the mobile game, see Darth Vader (mobile game)

“Darth Vader… I am his only hope… I know that I must become his champion, Darth. He must know that. I must make him mine!” ―Darth Vader to his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano [src]

Darth Vader (pronounced DAH-roh-vair-vuh)[1] was the Sith Lord and current Darth Sidious’ master, with a personal interest in hunting down and killing Jedi and other people considered to be dark powers. The Sith Lord first encountered him when he was a young boy, but his actions toward his apprentice, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, had not been particularly respectful.

Vader had been raised in the Sith system of Nal Hutta, where his father was the Sith Lord Darth Maul, then known as Darth Tyranus.[2] At least by the time of his Sith apprentice’s birth in 40 ABY, Darth Vader’s father had also been known as Darth Sidious.

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