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In general, the most common puppets made into movies are the characters played by actors in the movie themselves. The director might decide that a particular character has to live on after his death and needs to appear before a special screen for the audience to witness his demise and death. The puppeteer might perform the role of one of the actors during the production of the movie, which is usually the case for dramatic roles. In some cases, the puppeteer will perform a part that was intended but not fulfilled by the acting actors. For example, the puppet may appear in the original cut of the movie, but the directors want it for a new movie.

The puppeteers are sometimes hired as replacements. The directors want a puppet to perform during a scene when an actor will not be available. These replacements aren’t called “puppets” per se, since they aren’t puppets, except where necessary for a scene during production. For example, an actor may be needed to reprise his part during the retelling of the same scene from another director’s script.

Puppeteering the actor

Sometimes the puppeteers are hired to perform an entire scene, but only for a time, and only for a short time. This gives the puppeteers a break after they’ve completed that work. At other times, a new take is performed without the actors and a completely new scene starts. Sometimes a part of the scene is re-written to include the actors, with the new take. The actors have to take part in all four takes. Sometimes, the directors want the puppeteers to perform all their parts together, like a play. Talk Like a Dummy DVD - The Art of ...

Puppeteering the actors

Sometimes, the acting actors have to be replaced early on for an upcoming film or another project. The directors may ask the puppeteers to perform the part of an actor who’s still to be cast.

Puppeteering the special effects

After the directors have decided that they want to create an illusion for a special effect, the puppeteers make it look possible. In some cases, all of the effects are done by one part of the puppeteers. For example, when the villain is running, the actors do the running, the sound effects are done by the sound puppeteers, and the shots of the costume in motion are done by other performers. In other cases, the puppeteers will create a combination of effects, like a fire at night or a burning

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