What does throw your voice mean? – Learn Books Of Bible Song For Kids

First, this term can mean a range of different things — sometimes literally throwing things at someone, sometimes with a specific point at which you’re speaking and/or a specific time at which your voice will be loud. There are several terms used to describe how quickly the sounds in your voice are produced or how loud it is at any given time. You know when you are talking faster, slower, louder or quieter… because that’s how fast it is!

Now, some of those terms are used interchangeably, e.g., “throw something at her.” Or “throw a punch” or “throw a rock.” So, it’s not difficult to identify and specify exactly what a throw is — and that’s the point.

A throw — or throw-a-way — is just a phrase that you are performing in a given time-place, whether it’s at a party, in a bar, in a workplace, or within an online context. A throw can be more or less specific to the point where the voice makes the most sense: “Throw a car!” or “throw a brick.”

So I can imagine you’re a little shocked this afternoon when your friend asks you to throw something at her and you reply “Throw a rock” and then stop yourself and remind you that “just a throw” (with a little pause) is much more than just a throw.

It all depends on the phrase being used and how fast (or slow) the vocal folds are going, which is why there are many different words to identify a throw, e.g., “throw a rock” — some of them are very specific, e.g., “throw a small rock,” “toss” and so forth.

But, the main thing that makes a throw different from a throw-a-way is that there is actually an audible “click” when the vocal folds make contact with the object.

The click is just a very brief moment of vibration — a very high frequency — when the vocal folds and the object in front of you come together and touch.

To do something is to give a loud and very fast vibration to the vocal folds at that moment.
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For this reason, and in case you need a quick visual cue about how fast the vocal folds vibrate: Just stand and throw!

If you think about it, just imagine throwing a rock and a phone — but instead of saying rock, you say phone! That just seems so

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