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What if I told you there weren’t enough words? You would be angry right away. Then you would understand the concept of a silent communication. The concept of a silent communication is much older than you. It goes back for ages. It’s not exactly a concept found on Wikipedia. It’s a concept found on an ancient world, which was all over the planet. The ancient people knew a lot about silence. They would hide themselves from the world in caves, or they would hide themselves from the world in their homes, or they would hide themselves in a secret place, or they would hide themselves. And they would use the power of words. They could talk to each other and they would talk with every human being on the planet, without touching their bodies, with no vocal cords, with the knowledge that the mind could not handle it yet. There was a voice in the minds of everyone around them who was the silent word. The silent word was used for communication all around the world because it was the invisible voice of God. This is what the ancient people were able to do. And it was their power when they used the speech of words to communicate.

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So what did they do when the world was in chaos? They could use the power of the silent word and all around the world they would start to speak one word. They would say God was and what it meant. They would say that God is in the heavens and that the voice of God is the voice of the Lord. God is not and what it means for all living beings on the planet. And they would keep talking until every soul came to see the true meaning of God. You would start to see and experience this power and you would see the power when it was used. It was used for communication and it was used for love. We talk now, because we want to tell our stories. How do we talk today? How do you ask and answer questions? We do it from a sense that God is in and we love him and that his voice is the voice of the Lord. We want to talk to a friend, you sit for a month in silence. How many conversations have you had? How many conversations we have had? You say, I think I just felt the vibration moving through me. How many people? How many people have you talked to? One person? You have talked to many people. This way God is in the heavens in an incredible way. He’s in them. If the people in the heavens heard the voice of God, all

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