How does a ventriloquist dummy work? – Learn Ventriloquist Puppets

A ventrified person is completely surrounded by a dome of air. Some of it travels into the man’s head and lungs; some goes out the other side. The air flows in only an inch at a time. If there had been gas inside the chamber, the air would have come out the other end.

How are the faces painted?

The dummy has two pieces of fabric around the mouth, to allow the lungs and airways to breathe. The air inside the face has also been painted in shades of gray or white so that each face appears as it would have looked in a real life man.

What if I’m not able to wear my clothes?

The person is wrapped in canvas, the mask, clothing, and headgear: all of which can be attached to the dummy.

How do I wear a ventilated jacket or suit?

Your suit should be either ventilated or not ventilated, depending on the level of protection that you plan to give to yourself. For protection in the air, you should wear a jacket that breathes. For protection inside a suit, you may wish to buy a ventilated suit for yourself, or find a local ventilator unit.

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