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Can you communicate with someone with a dead tongue?

Can you imagine how to communicate with the dead?

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Find the Daggerfall Covenant. Find Stendarr. Convince the Blades of the Empire to allow Stendarr to lead them. Enter the Direnni Mine. Use the Direnni Mine as a base of operations. Travel to the Direnni Domain. Return to Stendarr. Defeat the Direnni.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

The Daggerfall Covenant [ edit ]

The Blades of the Empire [ edit ]

The Blades are the Imperial military’s elite unit, the best trained and most heavily equipped in Tamriel, although they often lack the resources and the desire to battle their own people. The Blades are loyal only to the Emperor and a small group of nobles whom he commands. The most well known general of the Blades is Emeric Septim (or as Emeric prefers in Tamrielic terms, “Empress Septim”), who was a captain of the Imperials prior to the rise of the Empire. She is also Empress of the Direnni, though her role in the Empire continues to be less direct than that of her husband, Emperor Uriel Septim VII, whose leadership is more dependent on political alliances.

The Direnni were once one of the largest and strongest kingdoms in Cyrodiilic, only being reduced to ruin by the Septim Dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Tiber Septim I, the Direnni were driven from their lands and the area south of the Throat of the World in a war by the invading Daedra. The Direnni quickly settled along the border with Hammerfell, and began the migration of the population north to Skyrim, where they founded the Direnni domain in the northwest. It is unclear whether the Blades are at the head of the new Direnni domain, on the other side of Skyrim, or are part of an army of Bretons who wish to preserve the lands they are part of.[1]

The Blades are loyal to the Emperor, though their military operations are not directed toward fighting their own people, nor toward the Imperial Legions or their colonies (which may be the cause for this loyalty). The Blades are also loyal to those rulers who can provide

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