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[12:11:40 PM] Lorilath: Who knows. [12:11:46 PM] Lorilath: The people in charge [12:11:53 PM] dillyg10: Oh, but I’d say it was called a “Vega” from the video [12:12:00 PM] dillyg10: I’m going to be like “you’re getting the same movie, just get over you’re a fucking moron” [12:12:06 PM] Lorilath: Oh okay, okay. [12:12:08 PM] Lorilath: But no one else will be like “hey, it’s a dumb fuck” [12:12:23 PM] Lorilath: Like I said before. [12:12:28 PM] joshuadbayer: but yeah, when they’re on a ventriloquist with a dummy doll I am a moron. I have no idea what is going on [12:12:36 PM] joshuadbayer: I get it [12:12:53 PM] ryan malone: i mean in another way a ventriloquist is just a puppet [12:12:57 PM] ryan malone: who is like [12:12:57 PM] ryan malone: you’re in this thing with [12:12:59 PM] ryan malone: puppets [12:13:08 PM] ryan malone: you’re in this thing with [12:13:09 PM] dillyg10: I’m in there [12:13:50 PM] Dibzezed: What part of this movie is most difficult to watch? [12:14:09 PM] Dibzezed: Do you think the “voting” is a complete disaster or do you believe this is the most interesting thing in the movie? [12:14:28 PM] dillyg10: I think it’s both [12:14:32 PM] Dibzezed: And I don’t want to hear any of the “you should have won” bullshit [12:14:36 PM] Dibzezed: I want to hear all the “this isn’t about winning…this is about changing things” bullshit [12:15:02 PM] dillyg10: I also think it’s a great film [12:15:12 PM] dillyg
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