Who is the richest ventriloquist? – International Ventriloquist

That’s a tough one. There have been some very wealthy people, and there have also been some very poor ventriloquists. One person who had a fortune? The guy who put all those balloons in the air? Yep. He is a billionaire. That’s a lot of money. He lives in Manhattan. He lives very comfortably.

And we talked just about how ventriloquists get paid—and I’ll just give you an example of one of the guys who’s doing great money for them: he’s got a business out there in the country. And I’m telling you, he’s got a plane, and he could go out there. He’s really got the money. You just can’t believe it.


He’s got a jet. And I tell you, he makes a lot of money. And you know, you talk to most of the guys out there, and most of them would probably quit right now if they could get out of paying that $50 a night. And so they’re not going to stop making money, and they’re not going to stop doing it until they’re 80 or 90.

GIBBONS: I’d love to go into that, but let’s go to the other thing that’s interesting, and it’s not even about ventriloquists but it’s all about the economy and the economy and how this economy is changing the way we live our lives. Just briefly, what are your observations as a citizen? What is the economy doing to make you different today than what you used to live in?

HOSKINS: Well, the thing is that it may be that there are so many opportunities to earn a living that nobody has the time to sit and think about it. Or to sit and think about a career or a business or anything like that, because when we work we’re at 12 in the morning and we don’t know what we’re doing. It just comes and it comes and it comes.
Note: You might have to build up the right shelf slightly ...

The thing about the economy is that it’s been a great boon. And I think in the 1950s the economy actually grew slowly because we were spending a lot, and we were buying less, and we were saving more. That’s not the economy being a great boon. It’s being a great bargain. People feel fortunate when they earn a living, and they have a feeling of pride when they win. If, let’s say, they don’t, they’re

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