How puppets are made and operate? – Ventriloquist Skills

Are humans still doing it, on a large scale? Are we really using puppets in our day-to-day lives?

The story of how puppets evolved was one of the original inspirations for the series for which we have now created a whole new generation of puppets in our new workshop, called the Puppet Museum. With over 100 puppets, everything from small, simple things to a full scale puppets with a large number of moving parts – you will find the exact same materials and processes on display every day. Puppets have not changed in this museum for 100 years so you can visit puppets as they were in the 1920’s and watch the exact same puppets that inspired them today.

How can I make my own puppets?

Although this is not the primary focus of the museum, a good way to get started is to join us on Facebook where we have videos of people making their own puppets. This way they can learn from each other and help build on each other’s skills.

What are the materials used in our puppets?

For the production of our puppets, we use a variety of different materials including vinyl and foam. The vinyl on our puppets is painted very thin using polyurethane resin. The foam is a combination of vinyl and latex which has a slightly more solid feel to it and is applied in a very thin sheet.

What are they made out of?

We used our own hands in the making of each puppet. The puppets themselves are made from 3mm thick cardboard, which is then sanded and glued in place using a small amount of adhesive. The glue is then removed and any wrinkles are smoothed out. With the help from our wonderful workshop manager, we were able to build a range of different types which are used for different scenes including a puppet head, a miniature of your head, a puppet head with a full body, and even a whole host of extra bodies for the extras.

What is the difference between puppet puppets?

Puppet puppets are made by using puppet puppets! We do not use puppets in our commercial work, although we will of course always include the sound of puppets in our film. The puppet puppets we made are based on an old set of wooden puppets made by our friends from the Dutch National Museum of History. They were the first commercial puppets made on film! They are not the same puppet puppets as are used in the series

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