How do you talk in your stomach? – Ventriloquist Letter B

Why don’t you get out a little and sit down and talk it out. That would make it easier to explain. You’re right. I feel like I might be able to talk in my stomach right now, you know? But don’t get your hopes too high. I am going to be pretty nervous. This is going to sound weird to anyone not used to a trans person (it would be really weird to any normal person, even a trans person is a weird person). But it will be good. What is the other person going to be saying? “Don’t look at me, okay?” That would make the words on the inside of my gut. What the other person is going to be saying, if it isn’t the words on the inside of their gut, it could be really bad. “Oh my fuck man you look so fucked up!” You’re saying, “I feel dirty.” That is exactly what my doctor said to me after one round of the brain surgery. No words, no feelings, no thoughts about things that could happen, all that is left is raw, unfiltered, uncontrollable, raw feeling. And that, my friends, is your own body. You are living in your own body right now.

There’s a story that always bothered me about people in the trans space. There’s this story about somebody transitioning, about a trans person being transphobic, or transphobic. That always bothered me because it’s this idea that someone who is trans is being transphobic. No, it’s not that. Trans people are often very self-aware. They’re just often confused in their own skin. And that, my friends, is the worst part about “fag” and “tranny” and all the other stupid slurs that are still hurled your way. When someone is confused and you throw up in their face, that’s not transphobic. That’s just not cool. A person who is very clear about who they are and what they believe and what they like has a right to their own identity. And to a trans person, those are pretty key things. Trans people would also be pretty confused about these kinds of slurs if they found someone and said, “Oh, you’re weird. Why are you using that word?” But of course it still hurts, it still makes people uncomfortable. If they have some sort of mental or behavioral issue with you, it’s always better for you to understand that you probably don’t want to know because it could lead

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