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NLP has been officially recognised by The Association for Business Intelligence Professionals (ABIP).

NLP should be used in all forms of business intelligence gathering. For more information, visit their website and register for an account.

How does NLP work?

NLP works by analysing large datasets of data to form reports.

How do researchers get started?

Your course will begin with introductory information about human judgment and decision making in all major decision-making areas, followed by specific cases which will give you an insight into the application of NLP to the world of business, and how it can be used to understand data more efficiently.

The student will have an opportunity to:

understand the structure of the business intelligence process as it relates to the business

learn how human behaviour is incorporated into the processes of business management and the use of decision-support data

understand business intelligence applications

apply NLP to business problems

study various different NLP tools and techniques

Learn about key data structures

Learn about how best to implement NLP

Learn about the differences between human thinking and natural thinking

Do you have to have previous experience?

No, it doesn’t need to be NLP experience. Many business software systems are built using information that has been generated by a previous study of business intelligence.

Does NLP have a university degree?

No, it does not have a degree program. It is more likely to be an entry point into business intelligence.

Please don’t ask me about other NLP courses!

No, there is no competition or competition type information from NLP courses. All of the courses in this category are self-paced and are specifically designed for you to take to suit your learning style and requirements.

What about research opportunities?

You could look at academic NLP journals, or do some work with universities. If you would like some research in the areas of personalised intelligence, the Human Information Project (HIP) and how to create an artificial intelligence system, we offer a course to the following academic programs:

At your own expense; students are expected to provide their own equipment and data

The course curriculum covers a wide range of topics including human judgement and decision making, NLP, data analysis and artificial intelligence

Participants will be rewarded with credits for their progress in the NLP course and the opportunity to have a short project

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