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I have had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Gannon and the other amazing coaches at HSP, so I can say I think they are extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, loving and empathetic to every aspect of the journey, yet always keep your focus on doing what is necessary. They are there for support, when you need them most. They are your eyes and ears as you begin your journey. Their advice, help and perspective are invaluable. I also have very good things to say about their staff members too; I will add my own to that list.

What is the difference between living with PTSD and the typical post traumatic life? The term Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is so broadly defined, sometimes it makes it difficult to know where to begin. It is defined as that state you experience after a traumatic event and you may be experiencing symptoms that are very similar to a normal life. For example, you may be having a bad day or you may feel very fatigued when in reality you were just a little bit shocked. The difference between normal life and PTSD, is you do not necessarily experience a full spectrum of emotions as you do in the case of everyday life. In PTSD, you have certain thoughts that could include an overwhelming fear of death, your worst nightmares or terrifying images of people or things you’ve experienced in the past. People with PTSD don’t see the world in a straight line and don’t always experience the world, but instead experience a continuous array of possibilities all at once – there can be no single event in this world that was the first or only thing you experienced that triggered the flashback or flashbacks.
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How can I use mindfulness to alleviate my PTSD issues? There are mindfulness based therapies available for PTSD. The good thing is they don’t try to “fix” your mind or your heart. We try to change the way your brain and your body operate so when you go to sleep, you are not exhausted but you are ready to go again tomorrow.

What is a good way of coping with the aftermath of PTSD? In order to get the most out of your recovery, you have to first find out what you can from within as well as the outside world. Through your life coaching and learning mindfulness techniques you can be mindful when working, socializing, talking with other people. You can also use these techniques to help you relax when you are in public places so when you are with your kids at school you will not need to hold their gaze. You can be mindful of your breathing as it

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