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A recent study shows that a common vitamin, rickets, can be a risk factor for childhood leukemia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many more conditions — among them, autism and cancer in adults?

This news should scare us all a lot more than it should sound comforting.

For starters, it isn’t just vitamin D. A comprehensive review, published in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine, has shown that rickets in childhood is associated with nearly every childhood cancer and every non-cancer diagnosis in adults.

To put these startling facts in perspective, you’d think there’d be a huge body of academic research showing that the most common childhood cancer causes were vitamin deficiencies — or that they even existed. And yet that is not how it looks, because a huge lack of research exists on this disease.

It’s an issue that was called “the forgotten malady,” because even the researchers who tried investigating it found the field underfunded. “We were really at the mercy of government research funding that was really

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