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” ” What could be more tragic than not knowing if your life truly is only a dream? —Tina Fey[1]

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Dreamscaperers is a series of short episodes produced by Fey Productions and aired within the Dreamscapeers trilogy. The episodes have been aired only once prior—in Season 1.

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Appearances and Summary

At the behest of an enigmatic figure, two researchers, John Jules and Linda, attempt to create a reality outside of our own, but are unexpectedly confronted by a dreamscape—a dream that they believe is their own waking world.

At the end of each episode, John and Linda are transported to their respective reality, where they attempt to investigate the details of their reality’s dreams to determine what has caused it to collapse into a dreamlike state.

Tina Fey appeared as a guest star at the end of this episode.

Dreamscaperers, Part I [ edit ]

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Dreamscaperers, Part I

The first two dreams, and this one’s the longest of the three.

John Jules and Linda are at an outdoor coffee shop with a man named “Sander”. The two of them have apparently gone all-out for a second drink after discovering a strange green liquid. To try to get it to evaporate, the two are discussing how they will keep the coffee’s aroma at bay.

A mysterious man in a black T-shirt walks out behind them. He is carrying a black vacuum cleaner that has a green substance wrapped around the handle. When he sees the two men, he says hello. “You’re the guys from that coffee shop we went to?” says John. The man points to Sander as they make smalltalk. Linda walks away, confused.

Sander points to a small table beside the table where his friend David and a group of others are watching several people who are standing around. Sander mentions it will be easy to break into their house through the windows, and that someone will be in a rush to leave the house. John and Linda are already on their way to the kitchen to get the coffee. They walk into the house, seeing the green liquid on the ground. A man in a black shirt is sitting on

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