What is the oldest magic organization? – Magic Tricks For Kids Talent Show

Arielle and Arian and her children.

Is Deneva still the most advanced society?


Why is the Elendil Dynasty still in power?

The people have not accepted any change.

What would have happened if Aran had remained alive as well as his sons?

No idea what would have happened. I know the answers.

What would have happened if Gavilar had remained alive as well as his sons?

Gavilar would have remained in power for at least twenty years longer.

What would have happened if Merilille had remained alive as well as her children?

Merilille would never have died.

What would have happened if Amandil had stayed alive as well as his sons?

Amandil would have died young.

What would have happened if Sierin and his sons remained alive as well as their parents and their family?

They would all have died in succession.

What would have happened if the people had accepted the new leadership and made the changes to the system, so it became the most efficient and effective society of the age?

An unchangeable, permanent, hierarchical society would have emerged.

As long as there are humans to be found who have not accepted the new status quo, they still have a chance.

How long would it take for a society to achieve it’s “full potential”?

Until a sufficient group of people are able to understand and accept the new system. (And they must have the courage to change the status quo. )

The question itself asks about “human nature,” “the capacity for change,” and that these may be found in some cases and not in others, but is not meant to imply that any one species is inherently “better” or “worse;” nor that one individual in a group is inherently “good” or “bad” — and so forth.

In this case, we must presume that the question refers to what “the capacity for change” means, or that something is innate in human beings. And we must also assume that it is not natural for humans to change, or for change to be something inherent in human nature.

This also applies to the question of how “effective” a system is, and how effective it is effective at changing a society.

“To change the system,” as Elrond put it, “is

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