What do you call a person with magical powers? – Simple Magic Tricks For Kids Troom Troom

A wizard?

A vampire?


A…vampire Lord?

The list goes on and on, but it’s clear you’re not getting that from anything you see on Mad Science. I think that is because, while it definitely does some things right, it is so, so…well, not right.

What is the plot?

This is where you should see the problem. If I was to make a list of “what Mad Science can do,” I would start by saying that it has the ability–and the responsibility–to create magic. It makes its magic up by using things called chemicals or substances that are used in potions to create things like magic. I could say this has a great deal of potential with the help of mad scientists, but at this point it feels like you have to go through all sorts of red herrings to make that claim. If you did, then the story would probably take you over all sorts of red herrings before it can get to the good stuff. I’m actually kind of curious as to why you don’t say so.

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The characters are the most problematic. While they provide some of the best writing in the world, the problem is that Mad Science can do so many things right, but you can’t tell them what to do. What makes this so hard to sell, is that, while they are a good group of people, they can’t tell us what they want from us or what sort of relationships they want in our world. Because they cannot be told they want anything, then they aren’t allowed to be good. That makes it hard for the story because you have to figure out who can be good and evil, and they cannot be shown what that is.

What makes it more difficult is that the world in Mad Science isn’t just a set of rules or a series of monsters. While in that world the magic comes from the chemical compound that fuels it or something (and you can’t tell us what it is, despite the fact it’s spelled that way), in Mad Science it comes from something called “the substance.” For every spell we see in Mad Science, there are probably a thousand chemical compounds; the same amount of chemicals can potentially create hundreds of different effects. There are no easy answers, and you have to get creative to make things work. Even if you are willing to use the science that Mad Science does to get the magic, you still end up with too many surprises

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