Can a teller speak? – Magic Tricks For Sale

And can you tell them what money you want?

For a teller the answer is no.

We need only look at who the teller is to realize that a teller is not a person, but an object (a thing). To be a “person,” a teller must be a person. When a teller gives someone money they are saying, “This is for you.”

But an object is not a person.

When a teller puts on a coat, he is not saying, “This is for me.” He is saying, “This is for this coat.” He does not “give” money to a teller of that coat. He doesn’t “give” himself, he doesn’t “give” money, he doesn’t “give” the coat. He is saying “I am wearing this, and you are.”

When we say “This is for you” in “I am wearing this” we are not saying, “I am this.”

Therefore, in order to be a “person” we must be a person.

This is the reason that a teller cannot “say” his “money.” Because he is not a “person” he can say nothing, and he cannot give anything. We say the word “person” because we want to describe people, they are what we say “I am,” not because we are describing them. The object of a teller’s “money” is the coat.

A second argument states that the objects of a teller’s “money” have to be a person, but the objects themselves don’t have to “exist.”

A person exists; a “thing,” a “person.” (See definition #6).

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