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Hmmm. I can’t imagine that I would need to sharpen a pencils, and my parents would be the least bit upset about this.

A new book by Harvard and NYU economists David Romer and Alan Blinder, the co-authors of the classic The Great Recession: How the Economy Was Lost, the Rest of Us Were Damaged, and What Can We Do About It, is being released as a free reading guide to prepare your friends, family, and neighbors for the coming year.

The New York Times wrote a review:

The book’s three most important lessons — that there were serious flaws in the housing recovery, that the economy’s health was in large part due to changes in consumer spending, and that the recession had lasting effects on the financial system — are often ignored or buried in political, fiscal, and economic speeches made by policymakers and politicians. … Mr. Romer and Mr. Blinder argue that if current policies are kept in mind, the recovery’s problems — which they call an “economic shock” — should be better understood. … Their analysis is a must-read for policy makers and citizens alike. What’s next, a debate about stimulus programs? The Romers and Mr. Blinder propose a more flexible stimulus package, including lower levels of mortgage insurance to spur housing demand.

The authors are not the first to write about a recession that was caused by massive investment in infrastructure. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fiscal Year 2010 Report “The Recovery from the Global Financial Crisis: 2010 – 2012 (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department Of Transportation, October 2012).”

The Department of Transportation’s Fiscal Year 2010 Report on Infrastructure Investment “Rebuild America’s Revolving Cycles,” Fiscal Year 2011 Report on Fiscal Year 2011, and Fiscal Year 2012 Report on Fiscal Year 2012.

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