How do you palm a coin? – Magic Tricks 2016 Zach King Dailymotion

This is the one question I have, because I’ve just been through my first ever coin deal.

Well, I was in Italy as part of a group where I could have been able to buy everything off these guys as cheap as I wanted as an exchange rate was a pretty penny. But I was also offered 50% off everything for free. You can go and find a coin of whatever value to take home. There’s no real value at any price, because the market will change it when a new one comes out.

I got the coin I wanted for 15.50, and I just had to send it back with some interest.

Did you know you can get rid of a coin in less time than it takes to buy one?

It’s just a small matter of time. I was able to get rid of it for 7.5 euros before I had to pay interest that would have amounted to 4 euros if it had been returned to me in two weeks. So, I just took the money and my trip and headed on to another coin.

If you’re buying on the site, there’s obviously a risk for that coin being lost or stolen, but it’s nothing to worry too much about.

How is it that you’re able to sell your coins in a few days if people keep sending them back for interest?

Yeah, it’s actually quite simple. If you’re just buying coins as an exchange rate I think it’s pretty simple to get rid of them in a few days. I’d just go to your store, or just send me an email. Most people do that on the site, and if you’ve got a low-value coin for people who aren’t in a hurry to sell it then that would be pretty easy for them to sell.

Some people may even accept you, and you can actually just walk away from the deal altogether if you’re just making a quick dollar or two. It’s just a matter of time.

Do you do any other coin trading on the site?

When you buy a coin from someone, you’re not able to resell it, you can only trade on it for a very short period of time. But with my trade, I was able to trade it over in another exchange for 7.5 euros, and then just use it in the meantime because I had it to trade for.

Do you pay commissions on any of these transactions?

I only pay commissions on my own

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