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Close-up magic doesn’t just work when you touch somebody’s face in a mirror. You can also use it to create closets, drawers and drawers that people can see through. Just put something in your hands and touch it, then close it with your magic wand: “My cupboard can’t hold so much of this stuff and we’re about to run out” and the item will vanish like magic right in front of your face.

Is there a chance I’ll have to pay for a magic wand to use it on someone else?

No. It’s totally free to use. It’s just that you need to have the correct spell book or amulet to work this trick, so there are two options: Either purchase a magic wand and a scroll or wand and charm, which is more cost effective and will work on any magic item. It’s a great way to teach your children about magic.

Will doing close-up magic on someone else ever harm them?

The magic that’s used when you close up a magic item can’t be as harmful as when you close a mirror. The reason why close-up magic is not as harmful is that you’re affecting other people when you do close up magic. The thing about close-up magic is that it works when you are touching another person, but not when you are looking at someone’s face. People are not thinking about the effects of your magic either.

What does magic mean to children?

Magic means using powers to change your world into an object that doesn’t exist to the world to begin with. When you use magic on a fairy, it’s just like when a fairy uses one of her wands to change a book into a fairy book. You use these powers not just for entertainment but for education by showing children the difference between real and imaginary.

Where do I pick up a magic wand and amulet?

You can find them both in any bookstore, so don’t give up hope.
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Where does close-up magic come from?

Magic can be traced back to ancient cultures where wizards were able to shape the world into different shapes to their liking. The ancient Egyptians knew how to turn sugar into sugar mixtures, a technique that created the most popular drink in history. It’s also believed that the ancient Greeks used magic to make the stars shine so they could see the planets move across the sky.

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