How do you do the disappearing coin trick? – Easy Magic Tricks That Impress

In the past I have tried to explain that the trick consists of the following steps:

Choose an amount of $10 and call it ‘Lucky penny’

Call this ‘Coin’, which is what will be used to ‘punch’ with.

When you get the coin, call it with the amount of $10.

The trick is that you will find the coin and ‘pull’ the ‘Lucky penny’ from its coin pouch to your hand.

So, a coin to a coin trick is something like this:

Pick up a big pile of $11 and call it ‘Coin’

Carry a big old $11 with you, with big orange $5 coins in it. You’ll find a ‘Lucky penny’ in the coin pouch.

To make it even easier for you, here you go:

Put an orange $5 coin into the coin pouch.

Call it ‘Lucky Penny’.

Take the coin and punch with the $5 coin.

You’ll find the coin in your coin pouch (or pocket, or whatever you carry it in with you).

Punch it and remove the orange $5 with it.

Repeat step 6.

How do I do the ‘sitting on the couch trick’?

This trick is a little different as you are not getting a big pile of money, so it is more of a surprise as to what it is you are getting.

Place a small coin in your pocket (it should be not too big!) and pretend to sit down comfortably.

The coin is sitting there comfortably, when suddenly, it will ‘pop out’ in a ‘Sitting on the Couch’ shape!

Do you see what I mean by being ‘pissed’ and annoyed?

Try making the coin ‘pop’ out with a few other coins around it to see that you really do get a $2.50 sitting on the couch!

It takes quite a bit of practice to memorise this trick (I have to start each new one first), but when you do do find it you won’t need to say the word ‘pissed’ to your friends.

How do you do the ‘sitting on the table trick?

There is a trick involved in this trick: get a pile of pieces of paper or paper towels. You hold them up to the viewer.

Then as

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