How does David Blaine do the needle trick? – Magic Tricks To Do At Home For Kids

A “magic wand” on a long pole.

No, David, that is not how it works.

The short version is this:

You lay a long pole or ladder on a flat table or floor – and with both hands grab one end of the pole. With no rope, this is the way to do the magic:

Now with your other hand (or with a rope), pull on the ropes to pull the pole through the rope loop.

As the pole gets pulled up through the loops, the rope becomes tighter and tighter – which will keep the bottom loop from coming out. To get the tension in the rope, gently squeeze hard on both sides of the loop. As the rope starts to come free, pull it up again and repeat the process until the rope is pulled through the loop.

Keep practicing and you’ll soon gain the dexterity to do some pretty impressive stuff with this tricky tool. You’ll also get a real workout in the process, because that is how we learn.

I know! Is it difficult to do that with your hands?

No, it’s really not.

Even if it looks difficult, it’s so easy.

But if you ever find yourself struggling with it, just think about it this way: When you reach the end of a rope, it doesn’t look so scary. It’s not a “wow” moment. It’s kind of just there.

But when you let go of the end, all is revealed. You’re really going to lose something along the way if you let go of it, right?

And the moment that comes is one of the most exciting parts of rope magic. It is the moment when you finally realize what the magic rope is for. It’s like you’re finding out what is really a part of you is not supposed to be there. It’s not supposed to be. But all at once it is, and you can start to use it again and again and again, with confidence and passion and skill.

For more information and a real-life example to help you, click here!

Now what about the real magic to the magic?

Let’s see… there is only one thing – the rope. It’s a tool to give you a great workout! But let’s also remember: You might use other tricks to increase your strength and flexibility.

So don’t just use the rope as a tool to give you the strength

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