What does dark magic mean? – Magic Tricks With Cards For Kids

Dark magic is an extension of the concept of shadow magic to include dark magic used to alter the course of events, including actions that alter reality. These actions include such things as changing the course of history, disrupting a plan of action, creating an illusion, or influencing the thoughts of others. Many of these actions are in the realm of the human mind.

Examples of such actions that are dark magic include altering reality by altering or disturbing the physical world (such as changing a person’s sex, making a person sick, changing a person’s appearance, changing the form of another person, etc.), changing people’s memories, or creating a false reality for an individual.

This means that for every act in which someone says there is enough evidence for a criminal to be convicted of, there are also many others where a criminal is caught in a trap, where his crime wasn’t even committed yet. The number of cases of dark magic is vast.

Dark magic is an extension of some very dark principles, including:

Humans are a finite, mortal race. All are ultimately limited to what they can do and to who they are, and so are capable of dark magic; but the powers possessed by us are limited in scope and use;

The dark powers we do possess are also limited and so are also capable of dark magic;

Therefore it is perfectly possible for our own powers to be used to influence another’s, and so, in effect, do the same;

For every dark spell we cast, there is also an equivalent light spell to counter it, so there is also an equivalent spell to counter the light to prevent it;

All of these powers are limited, and any person (or animal) that is capable of dark magic can be corrupted with these powers for purposes of good or evil for the duration of the spell.

Although dark magic may be practiced today by a minority of individuals, such as witches or sorcerers, it is a far more widespread phenomenon and has a far higher level of organization than those who practice it. In fact, dark magic is the only type of magic used by most of the inhabitants of this planet as it is the only magic that is widely used.

Can I be charged with dark magic?

Yes. Anyone using this type of magic may be charged with “violation of a criminal statute” and is liable to have their life or liberty forfeited. This includes using or possessing it for any purpose. If that is true

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