What is psychic power? – Magic Tricks For Kids Age 7-8

Psychic powers are the invisible abilities of a person or a mental entity that can be perceived by others.

We tend to think that these psychic powers are like magical powers of a wizard or other person.

However, a person may have several such powers in their possession. One power may belong to the mind. Another may belong to the soul. And another, still still another, may belong to something much more mysterious.

When you talk about psychic energy, you are referring to the invisible energy which gives a human being the ability to:

see and hear (which is just another way of saying seeing),

feel (which is just another way of saying feeling)

experience (which is just another way of saying experience),

recover (which is just another way of saying be restored)

In a nutshell, a psychic power means the ability to see or hear something that most humans are not capable of seeing or hearing.

Psychic power does not mean that a person is able to communicate with the dead. It only indicates the possibility for the ability.

What are the main sources of psychic power?

There are three main sources of these invisible psychic powers:

God – God is the source of all those invisible psychic powers. They come from God’s omnipotence in all things. His power is infinite.

Possession – A person may have some psychic power that is part of their mind. Possession means that a person can have psychic powers and still continue to live a normal life.

Nature or other people’s psychic powers – Some sources of invisible psychic powers are caused by nature or other people’s psychic powers. In other words, such powers are invisible to human eyes – such as telepathy.

What happens when the psychic power is used (aka “used-up”)

When a person has psychic power, there is a certain amount of time it lasts.
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To understand why a person can have a second or third psychic power, it’s important to understand exactly what is the relationship between it and normal life.

For a person to have a psychic power:

A power has to be created to be able to manifest it by some way of a medium (such as by contacting a medium). This medium also has to be someone who is capable of manifesting such powers. Only someone who is capable of manifesting these psychic powers can know how to use these powers.

That means that

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