How do mentalists bend spoons? – Learn How To Do Simple Magic Tricks

There are numerous physical and mental tricks that can help mentallyists do the same.

You may be surprised to know that you’ll often make your spoon-bending skills better because you can make an even smaller spoon bend. You can twist the handle to the other direction and make more of a twist, but you’ll also want to keep the handle in the original position all along. By doing so, you’ll find that the spoon’s shape is different. Now you may think that the same trick can be accomplished with a spoon but not with a spoon and not with a spoon plus other items, or with other spoon shapes only, but the idea is the same.
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Here are the tricks you can try.

The Magic Spoon

First, get a spoon with the handle pointing upward. The handle isn’t really necessary as long as it matches up properly with the handle at the tip of the spoon (it should be about two to three inches larger than the handle) and a straight handle is best. A rounded handle can also be used, and an upside-down and a square handle is also possible if you’re so inclined.

The next trick will work with your index finger while you still bend your finger. Wrap your index finger around the top of the handle for about two or three seconds in a round motion. While you’re doing this, your thumb should be sliding side to side and trying to get your spoon to move up and to the right. When you get done, you’ll have a slightly rounded spoon, but you’ll still be bending your finger with it. Now you’re all ready to go, but your spoon may still look a little odd because of how it’s moving. Try again. Again, don’t try it with the other objects you have, but try it with the spoon and you’ll be amazed how difficult this is!

If you were a magician, you might try to get these two methods to work using a single magic trick as an example. As it is, if you do this, you may be surprised about how much the magic trick makes it possible to bend your spoon around and over. You don’t really have to do it, but it can be fun.

Using the Spoon in Other Ways

It can be done with some different combinations of objects, but for a mentalist, it’s easiest to start by changing the spoon in other ways. You can make one spoon straight and bend another one, twist a finger around the spoon’s handle, or

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