What is a link matrix? – Magic Trick Man Cut In Half Revealed

A link matrix can be defined as an entity and its links that may have a common value (such as an attribute or a method), or different values.

As an example, suppose the component ‘A’ has a link of the form attribute x of the form name string, and link attribute y in the URL:


This link may be added to a component as an attribute value:

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Note that attributes can also be added as URL links:


If a link has a set of values, the components can have two links in the same component (a composite or node):

Another scenario is a link that includes its own data, like so:

And so on:

In this example, the data is loaded from another service. By default, the link can be a data link. So this will work:

And properties that have both multiple attributes and can be used in a single link:


A link matrix may be used for the construction of a property list for links (although a property list is not yet permitted in the standard data source; this is something that can be added in a future

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