How do mentalists work? – Magic Tricks For Kids To Do At Home

They do not. Mentalists are not a form of magic or divination. A mentalist simply “uses” something to better understand things. Mentalist works have the same purpose as a mage’s spells, and that is to improve one’s understanding of things. I suppose it is possible, in some cases, to call a magic item a mentalist’s spell, if you’re willing to consider it a tool or a medium. Mentalists’ spells are usually considered to be more valuable than spellbooks, though the latter aren’t as versatile due to how they work.

But, in practice, spells are pretty important. While magic is the magic, we do rely on mentalists to figure out what the spell is doing and, if the answer is positive, give us directions to the next step in the spell’s development. A Mentalist cannot have a magical weapon or shield, or be a master of any field. In reality, there is no way a magos ever has more than two mentalist spells in a spellbook.


Some wizards are known as mentalists, as the nature of their spells has much in common with those used by wizardry. Some magical disciplines are taught solely through mentalists, such as the Divination School and the Occult School. Many wizards study the methods of a wizard, but many others study the magic of mentalists. A Mentalist is a specialist in a particular branch of wizardry, usually specializing in their own field, such as Divination or Occultism.

Many mentalist spells are fairly advanced. One such spell is the Time Stop spell, which, when cast with the appropriate Time Stop Item, allows one to keep a continuous spell effect going for the duration of an action. Another spell allows for the use of the spellcaster’s own physical body to cast the spell, but does have some limitations which are outlined above.

Mentalists may be a valuable resource for adventurers, as they may be able to quickly identify and use traps, which you may want to keep alive at all costs. Mentalists, though, are still in a minority. Only a few may even be able to produce useful magical weapons.

Mentalists may be a useful resource for anyone who seeks to understand things, but they can be dangerous. Many things which we would consider magical in nature are very difficult for a Mentalist to deal with. As such, they should not be used in situations requiring mental focus. Mentalists, in fact,

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