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The comic book character, known for her superhuman powers, is a good example of the way that we use the internet to make more advanced ideas more accessible (or at least more entertaining) to our audience. And it’s not just this kind of media that’s been affected by new technologies.

Image copyright AP Image caption Ms Marvel is the comic book character created by Marvel comics and DC Comics

The character, Ms Marvel, who was based on a real-life teenage Muslim American teenager, debuted in 2013, and her comic is now an internationally bestselling franchise in the DC Comics and Marvel Comics universes.

The comic book version of Ms Marvel features the fictional character’s powerful ability to transform herself mentally into superpowers after her body is damaged in a tragic accident.

It’s based on the real-life experience of Shazaam Ahmed, who became an internet sensation after she was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome in 2008 in a hospital in Massachusetts.

Image copyright EPA Image caption Shazaam Ahmed said she is an “unfinished creative concept”

Her case brought attention to the fact that people with disabilities were having difficulty finding mainstream media representation of their condition, which affected Shazaam, who was born without arms or legs or a face of her own design.

It also demonstrated a unique talent for a superhero because Ms Marvel’s powers only activated after she took a pill that made her into a superhero.

“We’ve all had those moments where we really want to know the answer, but we’re overwhelmed by the information the world is throwing at us and have all the time in the world to absorb it, before we can really articulate the questions we really want to ask,” Shazam Ahmed, who now has two children, told the US magazine Mother Jones.

“But people with Down syndrome still cannot even make it on their own with a cell phone.”

Another popular comic, Captain Marvel, follows the relationship between the titular superhero and the women he interacts with.

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Image copyright Reuters Image caption It’s a common thing with the internet that people feel they need approval

The comic has drawn criticism for the lack of diversity among its cast of superheroes, some of which appear to be white, including Spider-Woman.

And while Spider-Woman is an accomplished gymnast, her counterpart – the Black Widow – is a spy.

The problem is that Captain Marvel is a superhero comic and not an investigative journalist, with Captain Marvel (a name that has

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