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Mind reading occurs in two ways. To give you a better picture of how the mind is being fooled, what is mind reading? You need to have some basic understanding of the brain. To try and explain it requires a bit of technical expertise. To try and give you an idea of how it works would be too much, so we will go in a more general and simplified description of it to allow you to understand the details, but at least you get an idea of how it works.

Carnegie: Magic Detective: The Game Changing Illusion

Every neuron has a chemical signal called a neurochemical pulse. This is a series of voltage spikes, which are called neuromagnetic messages and can be changed by certain chemicals called neurotransmitters, in a series of waves called beta waves. The main ones are dopamine, glutamate, serotonin, GABA and GABA-B1. The beta is the major transmitter and these send a kind of electromagnetic pulse of energy, which goes to the neuron. The brain interprets this wave as the neuron has read a statement, and sends some sort of signal to the receptor cells in the brain that are reading the signal, which in turn can alter the cell’s activity and make it behave like what you are asking it to do. The way they modify the activity of the cell is by changing how it receives that stimulation – or by making it respond a different way.

How does this affect me?

This is where mind reading really occurs. It affects how we see the world, how we speak and it affects how our emotions go. A brain that is unable to process a certain information, or one which is not functioning correctly, will ignore it completely. The brain might not take in information about our behaviour, because it does not think what we are trying to say is true and doesn’t want to get involved. Or if the brain is not sending the information, it is not going to respond to it and it can’t do anything about it. And yet you can understand how it affects us.

So, what are mind reading tricks?

The trick works by making us believe that the information on our mind is the same way others around us see it – which is something that we can’t really believe. This is the basis of many of the mind reading tricks currently used in the entertainment industry. In fact it is this kind of information trick that they all rely on when they get the response they are after. So with all of these methods, we can get our mind being fooled. They all work by trick

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