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Drawing or sketching is the act of writing, drawing is about seeing. It can be a natural or artificial means. To see is to draw to a certain extent. Drawing can be made natural or artificial: a natural drawing is from a natural or naturalistic point of view, drawing is a natural writing.

Drawing by human hands is also called hand drawing. We always have the idea of natural drawing and if the drawings of our ancestors are not drawn by hands, then the hands were not there and the people did not have the opportunity of doing their own things.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – A Montgomery County sheriff says a local woman died under suspicious circumstances after attempting to rob a man in his vehicle last week.

Police say the 22-year-old victim was driving a Chevy Silverado pickup truck south in the 900 block of Greenbriar Highway and pulled over to a vacant business parking lot. Police say a woman got out of the truck and approached the man’s vehicle. She was reportedly trying to rob him.

As the victim opened the door to the vehicle to retrieve his weapon, the woman tried to grab his gun and flee the scene. The victim was able to fight off the woman. He then shot her in the head, killing her.

The man remained in critical but stable condition late Wednesday evening, police say.

Authorities believe the woman’s body was in the area of Woodall Run Drive and Woodall Run Circle in Montgomery County.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 205-262-TIPS (8477).

The Sheriff’s Office says they’ve responded to several similar incidents involving attempted armed robberies in the Montgomery County area.

A couple of days ago, the folks at Mozilla’s Firebug have sent a new patch to Firefox 17 that adds a bunch of fixes for the security issues in the last Firefox 31. This bug report is already on the backburner, so this is just another reminder of how important of a problem this vulnerability is, that people will spend their weekend working on finding a fix (despite the fact that Firefox is apparently up and running with a fix coming up in Firefox 18).

Firefox developers seem to want to keep this one under the radar, and the fact that the public has been able to spot the issue shows that they are at least aware of it. Let’s hope that the end result for this vulnerability is a fix in Firefox 17 that prevents exploits from spreading to new

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