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Graphite is a substance made of carbon dioxide which is held together by a network of carbon atoms. It’s also made of other elements, so it’s a composite material, and the graphite is a thin, brittle carbon rod with an iron core.

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How does graphite react with water?

For a while, it’s possible, but in the lab there are no other solvents available. So what you need is a catalyst. It’s also possible to heat the carbon rod and make it into a powder. The result is that you can dissolve it by boiling it and adding some water.

How do you get rid of the graphite?

To get rid of graphite, go in to your pencil, hold the pencil by the shaft with a flat object like a pen, remove the sheet of paper, then take out your pen and wipe the carbon rod out with it once you’ve removed it from the pencil.

Why aren’t you satisfied when you go to the store for graphite pencils?

The pencil isn’t pure graphite, there you’ve got the ink-based ones, but if you’ve got pure graphite in your pencil, it’s still too big to use. To get a bigger pencil from a store that uses carbonite, a good place is at the art store. You don’t need to purchase an extra piece of graphite pencils.

Is it true that you can’t keep doing things if you’re a writer?

If any writer is interested I’ve written a book which discusses all these issues in more detail from my observations and experiences.

What about the graphite nibs used in graphite pencils?

The paper-based nibs are made from an old style of paper, which is very hard. They must be sanded down to break down the graphite, and a carbon pad or something similar is used to give the nib a hard edge. I use a high carbon pencil by hand, but these are very expensive and quite heavy pencils so people who like nibs like me buy them online. In many places there’s usually a very small charge for nibs made with graphite. A graphite nib can be just a little bit thicker, and I’ll often use graphite.

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