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I am very serious about this, and I will spend time to see if I can create a tool (and this means an expensive tool), that allows drawing with the pencil.

Do you plan to do many other commissions?

Yes! I am also creating a very large collection of pencils, so that I can carry them about in my pocket and use them for sketches and designs.

Will any of my rewards come with a certificate that is sent to you via email?

No! It is free of charge if you want to buy stamps.

Do you accept digital/sketch prints?


Do you accept postcards and letters as well as pencil drawings?

Yes, of course. Just choose the right reward by clicking on the right reward. If you need extra information, I always answer questions here.

Are your personal sketches not for personal use only?

A few of the sketches I have created are for clients who ask me not to publish them. Some of the clients I already know from conventions. I am sure there are many more I don’t know of, and I will reveal them to the clients if they ask for them.

For all these projects, will you make sure the clients get full credits?

I really hope they receive full credits.

I have heard there were times a client was told before a sketch was finished that they were allowed to change anything you see.

If so, can you say what and how?
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Yes, this is happening with certain drawings.

Do you have a gallery on Instagram or Tumblr?


When are you planning to upload sketches online somewhere?

Soon! My website will soon come up as a place to post sketches.

I have heard of a gallery called

Is this the best place to view the art that you’ve done and also to find what is currently available?


Do you have an etsy shop? Will there be an etsy link for my art? And do you have a website with updates?

I don’t know right now.

For any of the rewards, what do you mean when you say “you will not regret it”?

You will regret it if you decide to buy stamps or a framed copy.

Will there ever be a website with some of your work?

Yes. It’s not easy. I created a

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