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It takes about a year to grow from seed. Some saffron can grow from a seed that has been in a sunny place for weeks. For other varieties however, like the Golden saffron, it may take more than a year before the saffron begins to take to sunlight. Saffron is a very good seed to plant in the garden. It will grow very quickly, so planting a large amount can be a good start for your gardens.

How much seedling growth do you expect? You may be able to grow as much or as little saffron as you like throughout your garden. One year can be all that is needed to plant saffron seed. For example, if you plant saffron seeds in the spring, you may only have a few plants, but in summer they will be flourishing!

My family and I like to be able to add a couple of saffron plants each day, not only to add color but to add a tiny dose of vitamin B1. Do you have suggestions on ways we can make our own Vitamin B1? Is it possible to add Vitamin B1 to saffron?

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When purchasing saffron, do not buy it from a shop that specifically uses saffron or one that only lists the ingredients of its store. If you are purchasing your saffron from a shop that only offers Saffron, ask that shop how long it has lived and how much it has grown from seed. Ask about any other supplements you may have added. Most shops will not give answers to these basic questions. Ask if any of their other herbs or spices are used to provide saffron in their shop, and check the ingredients.

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