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Is It Legal? Do You Really Care?”

While you’re searching the internet for answers to those questions, the Saffron Hill community has made some great discoveries and has come up with some great answers. Here are just a few of them:

What makes Saffron a business? We know that most businesses start off as a hobby or hobby-type business that eventually become profitable. However, we decided to focus this article on the legal aspects of making Saffron.

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Do You Really Care About Saffron? If you are one of those folks that don’t really care about the products or services that your business offers, you probably don’t care about the legality of Saffron. Why is that? It’s the difference between a business that creates an income and a business that just buys products or sells products.

Is Saffron Legal? Saffron has been on U.S. soil since the mid 1950’s. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires that the products be certified organic to comply with organic certification standards. Saffron is certified organic too, but does that mean it’s legal? Saffron is legal to produce under organic regulations, but the only real legal source to buy Saffron is Wal-Mart. While you may not be able to buy Saffron on your own, that doesn’t mean that Saffron is illegal.

Do You Really Care About Safety and Saffron’s Health Benefits The American Council on Science and Health has recently published a research study about Saffron. The study concluded that Saffron is safe for consumption.

Are Saffron Products Organic? Saffron is certified organic because of organic certification. That is really the only legal source to purchase Saffron today, however, it is not really certified organic, so don’t be fooled. Just like organic cheese, certified organic food is safe to eat. Saffron products should be treated the same way as any other organic food on the market.

How Are Saffron Products Sold? Since organic certification doesn’t mean that the products are actually organic, consumers are forced to make their own choices about what they buy.

Are Saffron Products Safe to Eat? Saffron isn’t really considered to be a serious hazard when it comes to eating fresh Saffron leaves. A recent study by the Food and Drug Administration published in 2012 concluded that organic Saffron leaves actually contain more vitamins and minerals than do non-

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