Is Saffron good for kidneys? – Saffron Planting Distance

Saffron is an essential herb for the body and it is used in traditional Indian medicines to treat blood disorders. The herbs are used for various medical purposes to treat:

Heart diseases




Kidney stones

It is also used to give a boost to the immune system.

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office will no longer make its patent-office database “sensitive” to “specific individuals,” a decision that can be viewed widely in the patent field as a weakening of the agency’s neutrality for inventors.

The decision was made by Senior Trademark Counsel Jeffrey C. Fagan, in a “decision summary” issued Friday, after he and colleagues discussed the problem.

At issue is a provision of USPTO regulations which requires inventors whose patents “will become part of any new product, process, or service to identify who will benefit from that benefit, if any,” and who “will be harmed if that benefit is obtained by a specific person.”

To comply with these requirements, inventors must first prepare a patent “assignee” who “identifies other individuals or entities that will benefit to some degree” from the patent (usually by granting a license or a patent license). This “assignee identification” is needed to ensure that the assigned licensees do not gain access to any patents that will become part of new products, processes or services.

This assignment process does not have enough specificity, however, to include “sensitive information that is likely to be disclosed” by an inventor. This is the primary issue cited by critics against USPTO’s patent assignment requirements: how to ensure that “any person or entity” does not gain access to protected inventions if they are not associated with a specific patentee.

Fagan and the rest of the Senior Trademark Counsel’s “decision summary” decided that this issue should be left to patent examiners, thus not subject to this administrative oversight, though they did not expressly reject the “specific individuals” provision.

The Patent Assocation, that is to say, USPTO’s regional division for patent assignments, handles the assignment requests. USPTO currently has over 1,300 regional patent assignments out of more than 7,000 claims in its database of 1.3 million assigned patents, and in the

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