Is saffron worth the price? – When Is Saffron Harvested In Morocco

How much can you buy in one go?
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(a)(1) If within a specified time period an owner obtains the right to sell, the seller of the lot may place the lot on public auction until the lot has been transferred to the buyer by agreement. The seller must prepare the lot for sale with a certificate of authenticity provided by the purchaser to the seller before the lot is delivered to the buyer, and the same must be filed with the auction office. The certificate must state the lot number, a brief identifying statement of the lot and the description of the lot, and a statement that the lot and the certificate are free of any errors, defects or changes that do not materially affect its value. Each purchaser must provide a completed and signed certificate of sale with any claim for any items purchased. Proof of identification of any purchaser or a certificate must be received at the auction before delivery of such items, and must be acknowledged at the commencement of sale with a signature not less than the purchaser’s signature. This section does not apply when the seller or the auctioneer reasonably believes that an authentication problem exists when a lot is sold. This section does not apply when the lots are sold outside the state of New Jersey, and neither of the seller or the auctioneer is physically present within one thousand feet of its premises. The sale shall be open to the public for inspection and discussion by members of the public who are qualified to do so. The certificate must be on the lot and may be provided by any person, and must be filed with the auction.

(2) No lot may be transferred except by a qualified consignor or by the auctioneer. No lot may by sale or otherwise be removed from the lot which is transferred and put up for sale unless in writing signed by such consignor or by the auctioneer.

(3) The contract under which purchase is made must be executed by the purchaser and is valid and enforceable.

(4) No bid or offer made in person, by writing or other means, or by way of letter or messenger, or other communication without authority or notice whatsoever, or by any act or omission to which the agreement of sale is as above limited, may be accepted as valid until at least four days after the date of such communication. Such acceptance

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