Is saffron yellow? – Growing Saffron Crocus Indoors

Yes. Yes, saffron yellow.

This is it. This is so amazing. This is the moment when you start to realize that this was all just a dream. Not only is it amazing – it is beautiful. You feel like you’re floating around in some fantastical realm that you can’t quite comprehend, which is a little jarring since you’ve never experienced this much color before. Even more jarring – that you don’t feel the heat coming off of a flame like you normally do.

But the experience doesn’t end there.

You start to notice shapes and colours in the air in the dreamscape. The air is filled with a kind of green-yellow, which I guess is what we call saffron-tinted or saffron yellow (the difference is actually less important than you’d think).

The smell in the dreamscape is also different from its regular scents. Instead of that faint, floral musk that’s sometimes found in dreams, the smell is quite a distinct scent of sweet, fruity, almost minty notes that are very different to any typical scent we commonly associate with our smell. They are a bit off-putting, however, because we don’t quite like our normal smells, and so we get a little bit of the wrong kind of smell on our skin.

Crocus sativus (Saffron Crocus) | World of Flowering Plants
So then there’s this whole green-yellow, spicy smell filling the air. It’s pretty amazing.

Once you figure out how to navigate out of this dream, you begin to notice different colours, like the colour of your own eyes. The dreamscape is full of these kinds of colours – that same green-yellow, spicy smell, that same golden yellow.

You can only imagine how much easier it is to navigate this dreamscape once you start recognizing these patterns.

Here’s what I mean by that. Imagine you’re sitting in an empty classroom. The colour of your own eyes are very vivid.

You can hear and see things that you can’t sense at home. You can see people and the places where they are (because the dreamscape is full of colours). You can’t see much, but you can sense that there is a lot at work. You begin to realize that sometimes you can’t actually see what’s going on inside of your own head. Or maybe you can, but it’s very blurry and you can’t see what’s going on outside of your head – so you can’t actually tell what’s real versus

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